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Kiev hosts CNA's IT and HR conference

[fa icon="calendar"] 12-May-2017 09:01:23 / by Taisiia Mliuzan

Taisiia Mliuzan

On Friday 31st March 2017, CNA International Executive Search held its first IT and HR conference in Kiev. Taisiia Mliuzan, the company’s country manager in Ukraine, discusses the event.

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The event was attended by over 100 recruiters, HR leaders, HR managers and CEOs. Speakers from five European countries shared their experiences on international recruitment, relocation, talent acquisition and attraction, HR, research and cross-culture communication. Attendees were able to learn about the latest HR trends, participate in case study interpretation, and get to know modern and effective approaches in business development.

From technology to growth

The conference was opened by Nick Sprang, managing director of CNA International Executive Search; David Head, director of Recruitment International; and Alexandra Gorodova, HR manager at Playtech. Sprang, Head, and Gorodova announced information about speeches, case studies and panel discussions for the conference’s agenda.

Daniel Martos, (Iinternational recruiter at TravelPerk in Spain, and speaker at SOSU Europe 2016,) shared insights on “Engines of searching and attracting people worldwide.” Martos explored and listed the most popular search engines currently available.

Christian Payne, (CEO and owner at Code Resourcing) in Denmark, delivered a speech titled “Are you ready to relocate yourself to somewhere in Europe?” It provided insights into the new sourcing technologies and tools for a global search, as well as relocation issues.

Hedi Horvath, (global executive search & talent acquisition advisory | partner & co-managing director at TalentSmart Executive Talent Solution) in Hungary, covered the subject titled “Classic, retained executive search: to BE or Not to BE!” It highlighted the impact of new and current sourcing technologies on executive search.

Vince Szymzak, (master of sourcing at Randstad Sourceright in Hungary, and speaker at SOSU Europe 2016), delved into recruitment differences in Europe.

Margaryta Vykalyuk, (Lviv branch manager at Ciklum) in Ukraine, explained some of the most important differences in local and international markets (Ukraine, Poland, Romania) from both in-house as well as agency perspectives.

Bill Scott, (human resources & management consultant of, recruitment at CNA International Executive Search) in the UK, delivered a speech titled, “An HR Director’s Guide to Buying Recruitment/Executive Search Services.” It provided insights into the international experience in global sourcing. Furthermore, it highlighted what is important in the area of HR, in terms of relocation and setting up new offices in different countries, how to work with multicultural environments and what are the main trends in global recruiting today.

Zoltan Korpas, (regional director of clients and &markets at CNA International Executive Search in Hungary,) talked about the best HR consultancy practices and multiple time zone offices and projects. We were pleased that most delegates rated the arrangements as “excellent”, both prior to the conference and on the day, itself.

The conference proved to be successful and useful for all the delegates. CNA International IT Recruitment Ukraine was really pleased with this achievement and plan to host another event next year in order to provide an even greater experience to all attendees!

After the conference, Sprang told me, “I had the chance to meet with really interesting people with new skills and new ideas to share and I would like to take this opportunity to convey my very best wishes for an effective, successful and productive conference!”

“We hope that everyone found the conference informative and worthwhile. Our goal was to increase the understanding of the IT and HR Industry and share experiences and thoughts with all the participants. We would like to say, ‘thank you’ to everyone who attended this conference and also a big ‘thank you’ to our special guests and speakers for taking the time and effort to be here."

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