The complexity, the risks, and lack of personal touch involved in present relationships in all digital, HiTech markets, are highly felt when it comes to Human Resources.

Yes, we are living in the Digital Era. Yes, HiTech, Social Media, and the virtual world are very much used nowadays, but, we are humans and we are part of the Human Resources; therefore, our people and the relationship with people shall come first.

Commitment, trust, interpersonal sensitivity, human interaction, empathy, etc. are traits / soft skills that cannot be done without a strong relationship management.

The presence or absence of these skills can affect customers and candidate’s intentions of getting or remaining in any business relationships.

Digitalisation is good. Digitalization is the future, but will never replace relationship management, will never be efficient if there is no strong relationship management there first.

So, let’s take one step at a time and work on our relationship management before we digitalize.

Especially in HR!

A little bit about the author:

Loreda Dragomir

Loreda Dragomir is leading CNA International – Balkans Region from Bucharest, Romania.

She has deep knowledge of various sectors, such as Consumer Products and Services, Life Science and Health Care, Production and Automotive, IT&C and telco, as well as others.  Loreda has over 13 years experience and combined knowledge and methodology of delivering various Executive  Search & selection assignments,  Assessment and Development centres,  as well as Management Audit, Outplacement, training.

As Balkans Director within CNA International her focus will be consolidating Romanian office, with main focus on Executive Search, as well as developing the Balkan Region, especially  areas where we are not present yet.

If you want to find out more please feel free to contact Loreda on +40731002820 or by email 




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