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Looking back to the beginning of 2020, no one would have predicted the changes we have all made to our everyday life, both in and out of work.  HR and all that work within this arena will have in many cases proved to be the backbone to businesses. This will have been in many different areas from providing strategic support in crucial business decisions to providing health support to employees.

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There is a variety of support HR provided, see below:  

Mental health and wellbeing support – Faced with the prospect of working from home and having to deal with the new norm of socially distancing and other working in the office rules, this will have an effect on employees, both emotionally and mentally.  HR have set up help lines, offered one to one support and many HR teams have proactively reached out to employees on a daily basis to check in. This support will be a continuing theme as the new norm is established.

Assistance in the setting of remote working – Many employees have needed extra resources in setting up systems and finding a place within the household to work. HR have a responsibility to ensure that the employees are supported and are being given the correct training. Many E-learning portals have been developed and deployed.

Embracing the Furlough scheme – Never before has a scheme been implemented at such speed to a huge number of employees. In the early stages’, questions came from both employees and employers and the answers were developed and evolved as the scheme was utilised. Mistakes were made and lessons learnt, but in many cases, this has saved tens of thousands of jobs.

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