What does it mean to be headhunted for a job?

In recent years, more and more companies have been using the services of recruitment agencies to find the best candidates for their vacancies. If you’ve been headhunted, that means one of these agencies found your resume for a company looking for someone with your skillset and experience. It’s great when it happens, but what does it mean to be headhunted? And how do you make sure it happens to you? Read on to find out more.

What exactly is headhunting?

If you’ve ever wondered what does it mean to be headhunted for a job, let’s first define headhunting. Headhunting also called executive search, is the practice of finding, approaching, and hiring a person to fill a position in a company. It differs from regular recruitment because it involves seeking out and approaching people who are not actively looking for a new job. It is typically used when the hiring manager looks for top-level candidates with a particular skillset, such as C++ developers.

The companies that offer headhunting services are called headhunters. Headhunters help companies find new employees to fill vacant positions. They search for qualified candidates, interview them, and refer the best ones to hiring managers. Headhunters work with many industries, such as finance, healthcare, education, fashion, technology, etc.

What does it mean to be headhunted?

Being headhunted means being approached by an employer or recruiter in an unsolicited fashion. Usually, a hiring manager or headhunter has seen your resume on a job board or in your online portfolio. And they’ve decided that you’re the perfect candidate for their position.

When you’re headhunted, recruiters may reach out to you through email or phone calls, asking if you’d be interested in talking about their job opportunity. You can also be headhunted on social media, with the recruiter reaching out to you via a direct message.

While being headhunted feels flattering, remember that many other applicants are being considered, too. You’ll still need to apply for the position and go through all the necessary steps before getting hired!

Are there any benefits to being headhunted?

Yes, there are tons of benefits to being headhunted! Let’s look at some of them:

Job security

If an organisation headhunts you, it means that they have taken the time to find you and reach out to you. They think so highly of your talent that they want you to come and work with them. That means that they have already invested time and money in getting you on board. If things don’t work out in the first few months, they’re probably going to give you more opportunities to prove yourself than if you had just applied for the position and got it through luck.

Increased salary

Headhunting companies may be willing to pay more than you’re making now because they want someone with your skillset. They want someone worth the extra cost. They may also be more willing to negotiate salary since it takes more work to find the right employee.

Better career progression

Being headhunted is a sign that you’ve done something right in your career. It means you’ve put yourself out there and shown how great you are at your job. So it follows that if someone comes to you with an offer for a new job, it will likely be for a higher-up position than the one you currently hold.

New exciting opportunities

Headhunting firms have their ears to the ground regarding industry-changing opportunities. They often hear about exciting new projects before they are publicly announced and can give you access to these opportunities before they become available elsewhere.

Corporate culture fit

Suppose you’ve been struggling with your current job because the company culture does not suit your personality or values. In that case, being headhunted could give you an opportunity for greater workplace happiness. This is because the company that’s headhunted you believes you’ll make a suitable addition to their existing team.

How can I get headhunted?

If you’ve ever gotten a call from a headhunter, you know how exciting it is. But getting headhunted is more than just luck. It’s something you can do!

Tap into your network

The first step to getting headhunted is tapping into your network. An excellent way to do this is by keeping in contact with previous co-workers, managers, and mentors. This can be as simple as having a coffee or lunch together every few months.

Attend industry events and be memorable

Suppose you’re an active attendee at industry events and conferences. In that case, recruiters will have more opportunities to see what you can do. Try to make yourself stand out positively. Ask intelligent questions. Follow up with people after the event, and stay in touch with industry leaders from around the country.

Get on job boards

Don’t have time to go out and socialise? That’s okay! You can still put yourself where the hiring managers will find you. Upload your résumé onto career-related websites so that people looking for talent in your field will stumble across it. Then all you have to do is sit back and wait for the offers to roll in!

Keep your résumé updated

Ensure your CV is up-to-date and lists all of your accomplishments since you last made any changes. You don’t want any mistakes or misinformation on there. It should be 100% accurate and 100% error-free! It should be easy to read and easy to understand. A recruiter will often spend only a few seconds reviewing your résumé before deciding whether or not they want to reach out. So make sure it makes the right impression!

Create a LinkedIn profile that stands out

Your LinkedIn profile should reflect both your brand and your professional accomplishments. If a recruiter comes across your profile and is impressed with what they see, they might reach out with an offer!

Build your personal brand with a website

If you want to make a splash in the industry, try making yourself a website! It can be as simple as one page that serves as a landing page for potential employers. Put some effort into making yourself seem like the ideal candidate. Don’t forget to include links to all of your social profiles and contact information.

Be the best you can in your existing role

When companies look to hire, they want professionals who have experience and results to back up their skillset. So focus on being great at what you do right now!

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