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Duncan Keil


Is it right to assume that we will all deteriorate physically and mentally as we get older or is it largely or partly dependent on our state of mind? Can you really effect change, including to your body, by changing your perception?

The answer is yes, it is increasingly clear that being Age Positive brings tangible benefits!

How you perceive yourself causes huge changes in your body all of the time. As a much quoted example, the retirement age is often taken as an arbitrary cut-off date for social usefulness. Before that date workers feel valuable, after the date their status has changed and medically the results of this change in perception are disastrous. In the first few years after retirement heart attack and cancer rates soar and premature death can over-take people who were otherwise healthy before retirement. This is one of a myriad of examples of how you can carry on walking the walk!

The truth is that our bodies are in a constant flux and are constantly renewed; our skin is renewed once a month, our liver every six weeks and our skeleton every three months. In 12 months 98% of our atoms are exchnaged for new ones. It used to be thought that the brain lost neurons as a person aged and that it had no capacity to grow new brain cells nor to heal itself from traumas. We now know that these assumptions were wrong, the brain can renew and heal itself and it can grow new connections throughout your life as you attempt and learn new things.

We are never too old to learn nor to grow. Indeed, we will stay younger and healthier by not accepting that we have to slow-down and stagnate and by getting out there and continuing to live life to the full, by being limitless and Age Positive.

The Age Positive Community promotes the sharing of positive experience and brings together like-minded people who realise that their value is enhanced with age and that the fun and enjoyment do not stop.


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