CNA International Executive Search enables you to attract top-performing talent for a diverse range of leadership and senior management positions plus hard-to-fill roles. With proven capability across many sectors and disciplines, we work very discretely to deliver culture-fit as well as capability-fit. We are committed to achieving successful outcomes every time. Having the best people is key to achieving competitive advantage. If you don’t hire the best people, your competitors will. They may already be working for your competition. In which case, you need them all the more.


Our Executive Search Process

  • Stage 1: Take a very detailed brief

Knowing exactly what you, the Client, need is very important and our ultimate aim is to build a long standing relationship with you. We start by getting to know as much as we can about your company or organisation, although we will probably already have a good idea from our research and experience. We need to know about you, your background, your role, your team and your company ethos. This will enable us to find the right-fit individual that matches, not only the required experience and knowledge but also, your company culture and values. We will follow this with a written proposal, including terms and conditions.

  • Stage 2: Thoroughly research the market

With your assistance and our experience we will then draw up a short list of target companies/organisations. These will often include your competitors. If you have specific individuals in mind, please discuss them with your Consultant as he/she will be better placed to make the approach. We will discretely and thoroughly research the market to identify who is doing what and where.

  • Stage 3: Discretely approach potentially relevant candidates

Working from your unique criteria, we will make contact with potentially relevant individuals in ways that are highly discrete and professional. We will have an initial discussions with them to determine their potential suitability.

  • Stage 4: Conduct in-depth interviews to determine culture-fit and capabilty-fit

This second, far more in-depth, interview enables the Consultant to test the depth and bredth of candidate’s knowledge and experience. We use CABS to assess their culture-fit, as well as capability-fit.

  • Stage 5: Conduct due diligence

To test the credability and authenticity of candidates, we will often set candidates homework. In addition, with their permission, we take up verbal references, speaking to those they have previously/ recently worked for/ with.

  • Stage 6: Present our short-list and provide on-going support during your interviewing

We will then present you with our short-list of the right-fit individuals we recommend you see. We will provide you with a detailed profile for each candidate. Once you have agreed when you want to see the candidates, we will make arrangements for the interviews. At all stages of the interview process we will brief both you and the candidate(s). Whilst the process will follow your requirements, we recommend you don’t have extensive time delays between interviews. You should have now found your ideal candidate and be ready to make the offer.

  • Stage 7: Broker the offer and continue guarding against counter offers

Before making the offer we recommend you discuss it with your Consultant. They will have been managing the candidate’s expectations and building up a relationship with your potential new employee. Once the offer is made and accepted our work doesn’t stop. We will guide the candidate through the resignation process, through the notice period and into starting work with you. We will also maintain contact with them for a short period to ensure that any potential teething problems are resolved quickly.

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