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Agnes started her career as a university career counsellor in 2010. In addition to counselling, she was the key account manager of the university’s annual job fairs. Her assignments also included alumni tasks, training and job placement lectures, as well as professional tasks related to EU tenders. After these years, she was a recruitment team leader in a temporary work agency; then, she worked in the training development sector. She has joined CNA Hungary Team in September 2021.


In today’s fast-moving world, the approach to searching for a job is constantly changing. As an HR professional, I often face that is a challenge to keep up with the dynamically, changing job application requirements even for experienced candidates.

However, the kind of work one does, makes a difference because everybody spends a third of their adult lives at work. Our occupation and work environment are an integral part of who we are and how we think about ourselves. I believe that everyone deserves to be successful and efficient in what they do. This is not only the case for those who are changing a job, but also for those who will be working with them. That is why my credo is not only to find the right leader for a company but also to find the right place for someone who is thinking about making a change.

It is motivating for me to be able to help pave the way for a new opportunity, a new career path.

As a headhunter and career consultant, influencing the career decisions of others is both a challenge and a great responsibility. It is a job that can only be done well with humility, patience, and empathy, always bearing in mind that the most important asset in work till today is the person.

“Working with the right person can make the toughest day go well and working with the wrong person can make the simplest task excruciatingly difficult.” – Scott Kelly, astronaut


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