Alexandru Dragomir

Database Administrator

+40 723 224 0 70




Alexandru Dragomir started his professional career in the consultancy field in 2009, when he worked for a year as a DataBase Admin and Business Controller within Stanton Chase International, Bucharest Branch.

Later on, from 2012 – 2015 he had various jobs as Data Base Administrator in Kienbaum GmbH, New Age Balance and other companies where he helped compiling and administrating data, searching, online campaigns and activities.

Alexandru is both an American and Romanian citizen, He fluent in English and Romanian and he is learning Japanese and German.

He is passionate about music, has various hobbies such as playing the guitar and saxophone, writing, biking, etc.

Alexandru is a very creative individual, has a strong personality, great communicator and is eager to help others make a difference.


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