Duncan Keil

Managing Partner Age Positive


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Duncan Keil studied European law and economics at University and then went to the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.  He attained the rank of Captain and after a short service commission, he worked in the City broking structured finance products and derivatives.  He moved to Switzerland and ran Tradition’s derivatives there before moving to Gottex as MD of Euro Derivatives.

Duncan then moved in to private equity and was Business Development director for Atmosclear and then Ariya Capital gaining invaluable experience of setting up and running new ventures and expanding existing operations. He has more than 20 years of senior management experience and is heading CNA International’s Age Positive franchise brand. He has a passion for the business and this area of the market, which he sees not just as a great commercial opportunity but also as a great opportunity for positive social impact. Duncan is CEO of The Age Positive Community an organisation which brings together like-minded people, most in their 50’s upwards, though everyone is welcome.  The Age Positive Community offers a wide range of services and links to areas and groups of interest, including executive search and recruitment information and links to CNA International Age Positive Executive Search.

The Age Positive Community will offer new and innovative products to the more mature and elderly sectors of the market and in particular will offer recruitment and executive search to make sure that people of all ages are valued and are able to find stimulating and worthwhile employment. Populations are ageing across Europe, we live longer and in better health and are both keen and able to work longer. Governments are suffering from pension deficits as the ratio of tax payers to pensioners declines and are beginning to legislate to keep people in work longer and encourage others back to work. At the same time the UK job market is experiencing serious skill shortages, gaps that could easily be filled by employing more mature candidates who are either approaching retirement age, retired or semi-retired.  Our more mature candidates are more experienced, more flexible, less exigent about pay scales and are much less likely to jump ship.  The market is crying out for this service and Age Positive focusses on finding the right people for mid to senior management positions in a variety of markets.  This tremendous and growing resource is under-valued and under-utilised and Age Positive is the only Executive search team specialising in this part of the market.

Duncan and his partners have joined forces with CNA International to offer Age Positive Executive Search franchises to experienced business professionals in the UK and throughout continental Europe. Age Positive specialises in retained business and the brand is trusted and highly regarded. Age Positive is in discussions with a number of Age related organisations in the UK and had very positive feedback.  Several hundred companies signed up to the UK government’s Age Positive initiative in 2015 and these companies have pledged to support age diversity.

This business model takes advantage of significant changes in population trends and working practices and answers the needs of employers, governments, and candidates. The UK government has appointed Andy Briggs as champion for ‘older workers’ who is tasked with getting 1 million over-50s back to work by 2022. Mr Briggs said “we are asking employers to consider the overwhelming benefits of having a diverse and representative workforce, and then to act on it”. The business model benefits from changing social trends and needs and also from government pressure but it also takes account of people’s wishes to work for longer and the hugely valuable resource of experience and skill that is currently un-used and under-valued.

CNA International Age Positive offers you the opportunity to build your own recruitment business in a new and fast-growing sector with the support and network of an experienced and trusted brand, CNA International and their parent company Pertemps, the UK’s biggest independent recruitment company. CNA and Pertemps have offices all over Europe, with a strong presence in the CEE & CIS region. In 2016 the network expanded into Asia and the USA