Ed Read Cutting

Senior Partner Age Positive


01676 822222 



As a financial planner for the last 25 years Ed Read Cutting has experienced firsthand the change in demographics and the increasing longevity of the retired population which CNA International Age Positive is addressing.

Ed has helped numerous clients prepare for and move into retirement and his involvement in running company pension schemes in liaison with finance and HR directors has highlighted the real challenge in being able to recruit the right talent for the right role at exactly the same time as experience is leaving at the top end.

As such Ed immediately saw the potential for the franchise business of CNA International Age Positive.

Whilst there are other executive search and recruitment businesses that can fulfil the role identified by CNA International Age Positive none of them are positioned to address the concerns of both the ageing recruit and the employee which means CNA International Age Positive is the ‘go-to’ default company for both parties alike.

The Age Positive Community will also add depth to an employer’s search for the right candidate as well as provide support for candidates looking for roles.

Franchisees will have immediate access to this talent pool.

An economics graduate (with a sprinkling of English), Ed’s formative years were spent in the British Army where he first met Duncan Keil (‘we were thrown into some very challenging situations at Sandhurst, but we just laughed, a lot – and we still do’) and spent 7 years as an officer in the Royal Regiment of Wales with whom he travelled around the world, finally resigning his commission in Hong Kong.  He then worked for 4 years with the financial planning arm of Jardine Matheson (Matheson PFC) before leaving Hong Kong to move to Belgium where he was a co-founding director of Fulcra International Financial Planning which was subsequently sold to The Fry Group.

Hobbies are wide and varied and include being enticed into various sporting challenges by Duncan one of which included an hour in a Red Cross tent.  It would be nice to say ‘hooked up on a drip[, in reality it was a good old fashioned cup of tea which did the trick.  And yes, we both laughed a lot and still do!