CNA GERMANY is located in Hamburg the official name of which is The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Hanseatic refers to the history of the city in the alliance of coastal cities of Northern Europe: the medieval Hanseatic League and the word Free refers to the role of Hamburg as a separate Federal State in Germany. With its 1.8 million habitants Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany.

Hamburg metropolitan area is the most important commercial and business center in the North Europe. Around 10.000 companies are being moved or being set up every year in the area. Numerous companies like Airbus, NIVEA, and Montblanc have their headquarters in the city. Hamburg is not only a global service, media, logistics and industrial hub or a traditionally important financial center but also plays a role as a European science, research, and education center, with several universities and institutes.

The river Elbe with ships, containers, and harbor shape the city. Hamburg is the “Gate to the world”. The seaport on the river Elbe is the second-largest port in Europe. It is an important distribution point between Baltic and Nordic Seas. The economic importance of foreign trade, Hamburg is a home of around 100 consulates as such as Scandinavian countries are represented.
The cultural sites include the landmark Elbphilharmonie in the HafenCity, a new attraction also for the numerous tourists visiting the town. Water is present in the city-view: there are more bridges in the city than in London, Venice, and Amsterdam together.

CNA International continues to expand and provide global support to businesses in search for their executive talent and expertise. With its presence in Hamburg, CNA International further enhances the professional executive search capability, resources and services to meet the growing business interests of companies and financial institutions in Germany, Scandinavia, and the regional countries.



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CNA Germany:

 Stormsweg 5a, D-22085, Hamburg,Germany

 +49 40 870 93 405


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    Henrik is an international person. He was born in Finland, speaks fluently four languages and he has studied in Germany, where he lives since 1976. He holds a…


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