Henrik Hacklin

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Henrik is an international person.  He was born in Finland, speaks fluently four languages and he has studied in Germany, where he lives since 1976. He holds a doctoral degree in chemistry. Henrik has a very and broad experience in several managerial functions in major European chemical industries as well as in paper and textile chemicals. Among other employees he worked more than 16 years for HÜLS AG (now Evonik) in different managerial positions in several countries.  During his career at the chemical industry he worked mainly in sales and marketing management and in general management as a managing director.  Additionally, Henrik has been SVP of procurement, where he was responsible of purchasing volume of several 100 mill. €. He also has obtained lead functions in establishing subsidiaries and managing take overs. Through collaboration with major international consulting firms, Henrik has been able to gather broad experience in project-based problem solving. He has also experience of restructuring companies, while he worked more than a year together with McKinsey companies in an internal consulting department at HÜLS AG.

At CNA, his core activity is researching and contacting of candidates worldwide, but especially in Europe. He has a huge network of industry contacts and he is very well informed of the background and history of companies. Furthermore, Henrik is involved in marketing, acquisition and key account management.  Henrik´s way to work is strongly influenced by his international experience and multicultural competence. He is acting European wide from the CNA-office, which is based in the Rhineland-Palatinate area, near Frankfurt.

Henrik´s motto:

“Success requires competitive managers and employees – change relies on trust and diversity”


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