Iris Tan

Senior Partner - Singapore





Iris has always been passionate about operational and business development. For over 20 years, she has had the privilege of working with some major international organisations and corporate stakeholders.

Working with colleges, universities and examination bodies around Asia for several years, Iris was influential in helping to design courses, expand curriculums and develop examinations.

In recent years, Iris felt inspired to share her knowledge as a business consultant, guiding leaders and organisations in restructuring, investment, financial advice and business growth. She has been involved in some major projects in several industries, including banking, investments and finance, consumer products and manufacturing, education and training.

With her considerable network and resources, and a great passion for people and progress, Iris thoroughly enjoys helping individuals and organisations to enhance performance, productivity and success.

Iris knows that one key factor of success is aligning the right people with the right position. In her role with CNA International, she is committed to helping to achieve successful outcomes every time.


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