Jerneja Jurca

Regional manager for Adriatica

+386 (0)41 781-777

+386 (0)1 6006-202



Jerneja  Jurca  has worked for the last 12 years mostly on higher management positions in different branches (real-estate, tourism, hotel and F&B management, translation and interpreting management, DTP etc.). For more than 3 years she was a hotel manager and a F&B representative, for 5 years she was involved in real-estate projects development in the Ex-Yugoslavia region. For the last 2 years she is the head and the owner of a translation agency in Slovenia, with international branches in the UK, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is also finalizing her doctoral thesis in the field of law and real-estate management, specialised in researching the field of spatial planning. In the recruitment business she is most experienced in the sales and marketing field, IT, industry, hospitality and medical recruitment and performs regional/ worldwide resourcing and assessments. She also has good communication and negotiation skills and is always looking forward to taking on new challenges in her professional development.


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