Maros Petres

Senior Consultant

+421 948 900 110




Maroš joined CNA International in 2020 as a Senior Consultant helping business leaders make a strategic people management decisions. Maroš launched his professional career in Dubai, where he spent 5 years. His past experience includes business development, project management and leadership of diversified, cross-functional teams in Europe, U.S. and Middle East. Passionate about HR trends, People and Business Sustainability, Maroš is the founder of Knowledge Central, the unique platform delivering a global best practice to the network of over 150 international clients. His expertise is linked to HR Marketing, Talent Management, Personal Branding and production of high profile networking events for business leaders. Maroš holds a Master’s degree in Marketing from Comenius University in Bratislava, where he currently lives.  He is fluent in Slovak and speaks casual Czech, German or Hungarian in addition to professional his English.