Marta Ocskay

Country Manager HU

+36 3035 32170


Marta Ocskay believes that a corporation can only be successful if its focus rest with not only filling up the vacant positions but rather finding the the colleagues that will make the perfect fit.

Incorporating the needs and requests of her clients into each selection process is the essence of my approach to creating value.  Her extensive multi-sector knowledge and professional understanding of search and selection processes are the solid basis of the offered HR consulting/advisory/assistance  services.

CNA International Executive Search Hungary unifies the standards required for outstanding selection, yet remains flexible in accommodating for tailored  solutions to client issues and aid clients in creating value through the work of their consultants’ and researchers’ shared passion for all recruitment and HR processes.

Besides Marta’s responsibilities as a Senior Consultant, she was presented with the opportunity to lead the Hungarian office of CNA Hungary Executive Search; which requires the implementation of international CNA standards and expansion of local team in our offices. Core responsibilities include engagement contact with clients and supporting further growth of CNA in Hungarian markets.

Via executive search on behalf of her clients, with specialization to the organization and job roles, Marta is able to successfully provide solutions to any kind of recruitment challenge, or in other words: finding your newest colleague.

For industrial area specialization (production, manufacturing, FMCG, Energy & Renewables , light- and heavy industries, TPS-TPM, Lean) she does not only assist and concentrate on the selection process but in determining the relevant competencies of each candidate to ensure the highest quality of presented prospective candidates towards her clients.

Marta, in addition to her native Hungarian, is fluent in English and German.

Marta is also acting Country Manager for Austria   

Market Sectors
Manufacturing        Healthcare          Consumer       Energy & Renewables