Masa Nyikolajeva

 +36 30 623 11 58



Mása Nyikolajeva graduated from Eötvös Loránd University on the Faculty of Science as a Geographer. During the university she started a job as a Front Office Manager, where she worked almost 6 years. Other than the usual tasks, she did the incomings, expenses and the inventory also. This job thought her how to interact with different kind of people, understand the financial system of a business, and be very precise about accounting and administration. During this time, she had the possibility to use her English and Russian language knowledge.

Mása joined CNA during spring 2018, where she is responsible to fulfill the duties of Office Manager. Her primary job is to ensure the office’s everyday work, and to assist the CEO’s, junior consultant’s and the researcher’s work.

In September she became a Junior Researcher. Her task is to identify, contact and prescreen high potential candidates with the direct search methodology.


¨ Desk research, alternative search, deep analysis of competitors, market changes, integration of up-to-date information into ongoing projects

¨ Finding and selecting middle and top management, key positions (direct search)