Mona Sajwan

Associate Director CNA International India




Mona is part of CNA Internationals Retail and Consumer Practice in India. She is also active in the Fintech sectors as part of the firm’s BFSI Practice. Based in New Delhi, she guides clients on critical leadership hiring, board effectiveness and top-team consulting and she works with both Indian businesses and global multinational organizations.

Prior to joining CNA International, Mona has successfully built businesses, new revenue & marketing models. An innovative doer and an intuitively creative thinker, she has had a fast track and power-packed career path of diversified experience and success in handling varied assignments/clients in diverse geographies. Adept at both new media as well as traditional retail branding tools, she has consistently delivered results.  Having played leadership roles through her education phase coupled with experience in talent acquisition start-up, she make a well-rounded leader.

She has expanded her network of professional thinkers thanks to her diverse and multi-faceted communication related interests. She is deeply involved in evolving the concept of Branding & Marketing Communication for one of the fastest growing transformation outsourcing cum consulting firms. A spontaneous peoples’ person, she adapts well to situations and circumstances.

Mona is extremely adept in embracing and driving business transformation and change, including global business growth strategies, restructures, brand change, regulatory programs, and new markets. She carries strong track record in the setting up, building and leading corporate communications functions, including establishing processes and hiring, developing and retaining good talent.


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