Poland is one of the biggest EU member states, the 6th most populated country in the European Union and the biggest market in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. With a strong economy and broad range of investment incentives, Poland has become one of the most attractive investment destination and a place where economic returns on foreign capital are three times more likely than other European Union countries.

Poland is the largest and the strongest economy in Central Eastern Europe. Many international surveys show that in terms of investment attractiveness there is no better place than Poland. In AHK – German Chambers of Commerce (AHK) report, Poland maintained its leading position in the CEE region for the second time in a row, outclassing all countries in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of investment attractiveness again.

A number of factors makes Polish market stand out. Among them, ambitious and hard-working people with their motivation and professional ethics as well as unique initiative, diversified economy, macroeconomic stability, unique infrastructural modernization, vast internal market and free access to the European market as well as price competitiveness.

Our Polish team consists of experienced consultants with excellent knowledge of the market attached to professional Direct Search process that provides clients with the best quality of services and, what matters the most, the best candidates.


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