Rachel Hoinville

Senior Partner
E-mail: Rachel.Hoinville@cnaint.com




Rachel Hoinville is team-focused Recruitment/Business Development Consultant with significant years of successful business experience. This success is demonstrable with a proven track record of forging and sustaining long term business partnerships. Known for honesty and integrity and “an exemplary sense of professionalism”​. Rachel has been been described as “a safe pair of hands, who delivers and supports unfailingly from the outset”. Known as a creative and motivational person who believes that aspiration can be the realiser of dreams, she is loyal and committed in all I set out to achieve. Never an over-promiser, Rachel is well respected as a recruiter at all levels across many sectors.

Equipped with a high sense of commercial acumen and perfectionism and (arguably) coupled with a sense of humour, she has been recommended many times as the recruitment consultant of choice.