Slovakia is now one of Europe’s most attractive locations for doing business. Recent data shows that the Slovak economy expanded at a robust pace at the end of 2015 and that the economy grew 4.3% annually in Q4 2015. It is young country and is strategically situated in the heart of Europe. Slovakia has achieved both political and economic stability since its independence. In recent years, Slovakia’s investment climate has improved markedly. Slovakia has been one of the most rapid reformers in the world, introducing ambitious reforms in almost all areas (tax, pensions, welfare and labour markets, public finance management and decentralization, healthcare). The automotive industry generates 13 percent of the GDP and makes up 43 percent of the total industrial production in Slovakia. A lot of investments is planned for Healthcare industry as well.

CNA Slovakia started its operation in the country in 2014 and since the inception gained a solid recognition by the business society. We provide clients with advice and support in the identification of leaders and professionals through having access to the right talent. We help our clients to identify, attract and keeping hold of the best people for the future. CNA Slovakia gained second to none experiences and expertise in the HEALTHCARE, PROFESSIONAL SERVICES, FINANCIAL SERVICES, REAL ESTATE, AUTOMOTIVE, MANUFACTURING and RETAIL.

CNA Slovakia is a PIONEER practice to apply and follow the unique and innovative methodology “hourly rates concept”. We are not just TRANSPARENTLY pricing our services based on hourly rates and actual time spent by each team member, but using and following the very thorough process of Planning each engagement, Understanding your business, Searching Market & Identifying the right talent, Accessing to the Candidate, and Supporting you through whole Selection & Attraction process. We Adding Value to your business via timely and structured reporting system via systematic approach and selection.


CNA Slovakia:

 Carlton Savoy Building, Mostova Street 2 , 811 02 Bratislava, Slovakia

+421 2 326 617 25

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  • Azamat Erzhanov
    Managing Partner CEE
    As Managing Partner, Central Eastern Europe (CEE) Azamat Erzhanov is responsible for the development and growth of CNA network in the region. Currently, CEE regional practice has offices…

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