Victor Cooper

Senior Partner Age Positive

07969 061069 

01780 482 750


“Driven by a desire to give something back to an Economy and an Industry that has provided him with a lifetime of great experiences and rewards, Victor is “un-retiring” for a second time to become a Founder Investor and Director of Age Positive Ltd.   Born at the end of WW11, he has experienced post war austerity; Britain’s rebuilding; the dawn of the information age and the internationalisation of our national skills.  Pursuing his chief role of delivering complex projects “On Time; On Budget; On Specification” has led Victor to live, for significant periods of time, on all the continents thus broadening both his horizons and his contact base.  His international exposure as a Chartered Construction Manager has enhanced his cultural and diversity understanding and reinforced his commitment to the concept of ‘Team’.

Equally happy with practical tools or complicated techno-commercial problems has made him comfortable to operate at the coal face or the board room.  After 40 years of Board level responsibility for major international projects related to the construction of Offshore, Subsea and Onshore energy related facilities, Victor has experienced many diverse cultural and technological environments far removed from the “norm”.  He recognises the perception of advancing age as an Opportunity not a Challenge.  An inventive, creative and commercially astute mind-set has allowed him to apply his technology to the development of unique engineering solutions. Reflecting his fascination with Electro-Magnetic Force, on an industrial or a personal scale, and his knowledge of structural integrity, has allowed him to develop and demonstrate several fully funded inventions.

As an active 70 year old, Victor is delighted to be so firmly committed to CNA International Age Positive, the team that is doing something to put mature skills and hard won experience to good use.  These skills and experiences, not only evident in Victor but also in many other mature resources available to Age Positive, will be of tremendous help to SME’s striving to develop their business against a backdrop demanding increasing productivity and cost management in an ever more competitive world.

Equally his Business Development track record will be an invaluable support to anyone who wants to take up a CNA International Age Positive franchise.   Many ‘Un-retirees’ will see that their most appropriate means of ‘giving something back’ is to become a Franchisee and be supported, trained and guided by the huge resources available from the Pertemps group.  Our association with CNA International, the executive search arm of Pertemps, provides us with an incredible business model that assures success when fully applied.  The relationship also provides an existing and successful network of Consultants, National and International offices, an unparalleled track record, entrée and credibility with almost every potential Client and state –of-art Training, Invoice factoring and Debt collection, as well as on-going support across the whole range of situations.

We would be happy to start a conversation with you if you feel this prospect could be the perfect way to boost your income, stimulate your mind and put your skills to outstanding use.

If, as a Director or Ex-Director of your Company, you would like to access the pool of talent being built by CNA International Age Positive we would be pleased to explore with you how that can be best achieved for mutual benefit.  Perhaps your Company needs our help, or perhaps your experiences are such that we need you to help other Clients?  Either way it can be very rewarding on a financial and personal level.  Please get in touch with us and let’s get talking to see what can be done.