Zoltan Korpas

Managing Partner - Hungary

    +36 20 3545 048

CNA International Korpas Partners



Zoltán is Your Executive Search partner in Hungary. He has 20+ years long experience on the field of Executive Search, recruiting inspirative, innovative and versatile leaders with digital and agile leadership competencies, align with corporate strategy and culture. Also, he is serving his clients on the field of management diagnostics (such as Assessment / Development Centers, Management Audits), remuneration consulting and leadership development, career coaching as well.

During his long career he worked at top German and Austrian Executive Search firms. From 2014 he successfully developed CNA International practice in Hungary and rejoined in 2019 to repeat previous business success.

Parallel to his HR professional career, he got PhD degree and he is an acknowledged Historian researching the Early Modern Habsburg Empire with unique focus on the correlations of the anti-Ottoman wars both in the Mediterranean and Hungary.

He lives, creates values and supports his clients according his motto: “there is also intellectual and cultural challenge beyond the daily business routine, maybe even more long-lasting” Besides his mother tongue, he speaks fluent English, Spanish and understands both Russian and Italian as well.



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