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Switzerland is in the middle of Europe. A rich, stable and well-governed country with a small territorial and demographic dimension but a big economic and financial importance. In fact, you can find both worldwide successful top companies and small and medium-sized businesses.
The power of Roche, UBS, Nestlé, Richemont, Givaudan and Swiss are only a few of them, and the fact that Switzerland is one of the worldwide countries with the most significant number of patents undoubtedly demonstrates the great entrepreneurial brilliance of the Swiss way of doing business, as well as in the „new economy“ sphere, which it is shaping its future.
The attractiveness of the Swiss economic environment – based on fair tax conditions, a stable political environment, efficient infrastructures, excellent quality of the natural environment, respectful social security, a well-educated workforce and last but not least, the quality of life – is the best indicator of a growing economy, which is offering a lot of exciting and well paid jobs.
The most important industry sectors are typically the pharma and chemical ones, financial services and fintech, logistics and transportation, consumer goods and the famous chocolate industry. In manufacturing, high-performing are, for instance, the Schindler elevators and regarding the „new economy“, biotech and digital firms are widespread: mainly well known is the „digital valley“ in the region of Zug, whereby start-ups are strongly financially incentivised and where are into place worldwide well rated academical and technical school networks.
Switzerland is the place to be and to work in, to enjoy life, to express professional skills and to pursue his own career.

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