Can anyone start a recruitment company?

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Recruitment is a difficult business to get into because it requires a good blend of skills alongside a strong network of job candidates and employers. It's not just about finding qualified people though - you need to leverage your skills in sales, marketing and recruitment if you want to succeed in recruitment. With that said, every day there are more start-ups entering the recruiting industry. So if you're thinking about starting your own business then what exactly is involved in running one?

Starting a successful recruitment business is tough

While it may not seem too difficult to start a recruitment company, making it successful isn't easy. The biggest challenge for any business is finding the right people, and in the case of recruitment companies, this can be especially challenging because so many people are looking for work and so few have experience in sales or marketing. It also takes time to cultivate a network of high-quality candidates and clients, so you'll have to build a strong foundation before you start to see success.

Both high and low-level recruiting jobs take time and effort to learn

You may have heard stories of people who started their own business with little more than an idea and a dream, but these are the exceptions rather than the rule. If you're looking for something that will allow you to make money quickly, then becoming a recruiter might not be for you!

Recruitment is also not as simple as posting job openings online. It's not just about finding people, either; it's about finding them in such numbers that they'll fill up your database fast enough for clients looking for candidates with specific skill sets.

This means learning how to sell yourself effectively through marketing strategies like SEO optimization and paid advertising campaigns. If those strategies don't work out very well at first, you might need some patience while waiting until they do!

To make a success of recruitment you need the right people

To find success in the recruitment business, you need people - and the right people can be hard to find.

You need people who are interested in the same things as you: helping job seekers, for example. You'll also need them to be willing to work hard and put in long hours if necessary. Lastly, they need some skills or experience that will enable them to help with your business model.

This can be difficult because many potential recruits may not share these ambitions or even have any interest in working for someone else at all! So you'll need to strike a balance between growing your database and selecting only the best candidates for jobs, which can be tricky at first.

Recruitment takes a lot of time and effort to succeed

  • As we've touched on, you need to have a strong foundation of clients and candidates to succeed in recruitment. However, with the right plans in place, and a good amount of effort, you may find your business is successful.

    There are a lot of things that need to be done before you can start recruiting effectively:

    Finding good people is hard work, especially if they don't know who you are yet or how good your company is compared with others. You need a reputation as a reliable recruiter, or else clients will go elsewhere because they can't trust that someone will turn up at interviews on time or follow up afterwards. So, before even starting out as an independent recruiter, try to acquire some experience working for another firm.
  • Getting clients isn't easy either: even if there are no other agencies competing with yours, finding new business can still be difficult because most companies are set up around having their own internal recruiters who have been there since day one. You need to convince them that your offerings are better than their potential internal candidates, which isn't an easy task.

Recruitment expertise helps a lot

Recruitment is a numbers game that requires a comprehensive network of professionals across different industries. If your network is small, you won't be able to find the right candidates for the job. If you are not good at sales and marketing, then no one will know about your business or what services you offer.

You also need to have an understanding of how to manage people in order for them to work well together in teams - this includes managing their expectations as well as their performance levels so that everyone achieves their full potential within the company objectives

Growing your recruitment network

The best way to start a recruitment network is by building your own network. You need to be able to get in touch with people who are looking for jobs and also know what kind of candidates would be suitable for them. The most important thing is that you always have access to this information, so it's important that you have the right tools at hand.

The first step is getting out there and meeting as many people as possible, and this doesn't just mean other recruiters. It can also include clients, candidates and even competitors. In order for them all to not only recognize but respect each other's work ethic (or lack thereof), they need opportunities like these where everyone gets together freely without any pressure from their bosses or colleagues watching over their shoulders.


We hope that this article has given you a good overview of what it takes to start a recruitment company. As we've explained above, there are many different aspects involved in running a recruitment firm successfully, but don't let that deter you from following that dream! At CNA international we've been helping people like you for over 25 years. What we offer is the opportunity that lets you seize on the freedom to make your decisions without being on your own but with the backing of one of the UK’s largest recruitment companies The Pertemps Network Group.

We want to help you create a company to be proud of using our global brand or support you in developing your own branded business, as part of the CNA family.


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