How to improve candidate experience in recruitment and get the best talent?

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Candidate experience is extremely important in the recruitment process. According to study 83% of job seekers said that a negative interview experience would make them less likely to apply for a job with that company again. Given these statistics, it is clear that improving candidate experience should be a top priority for any organisation looking to attract and retain the best talent. Here are a few tips on how to improve candidate experience in recruitment.

What is candidate experience?

The candidate experience is what a job seeker goes through during the recruiting and hiring process. This includes everything from the initial contact with a company to the final decision to accept or decline a job offer. The goal of providing a positive candidate experience is to make job seekers feel valued and respected – and to encourage them to continue considering the company as a potential employer.

Why is candidate experience important?

Candidate experience is important for several reasons:

  • A positive candidate experience can lead to better reviews and word-of-mouth marketing for your company
  • A positive candidate experience can also lead to better quality applicants and more diverse applicants
  • A positive candidate experience can improve employee retention
  • It can boost morale and motivation among your employees
  • It can help you attract top talent

Simply put, a positive candidate experience is important because it can impact several key factors that are important to a company's success.

How to improve candidate experience in recruitment process

Here are seven ways on how to improve candidate experience in recruitment process:

1.  Make the application process as user-friendly as possible

It can be frustrating for job seekers to go through a long and complicated application process, only to be rejected by the company. This is especially true if the company is looking for highly qualified candidates. 

By streamlining the process and ensuring that all information is readily available, candidates can navigate the process more easily and have a better overall experience. Additionally, providing clear instructions and guidance throughout the process will help candidates feel more confident and comfortable with the process.

2.  Communicate effectively and timely with candidates

This includes promptly responding to inquiries, providing feedback after interviews, and keeping candidates updated on the status of their applications. By maintaining open communication, candidates will feel valued and appreciated throughout the process, which can help to attract top talent to your organisation.

3.  Be transparent

Transparency is key in the recruiting process in order to create a level playing field for all candidates. By being transparent about the process and timeline – and what is being assessed in each stage – candidates can know what to expect and prepare accordingly. This also helps to ensure that the selection criteria are applied fairly and consistently.

4.  Personalise the candidate's experience

Personalising the candidate experience is all about making the recruitment journey feel more personal and tailored to each individual. This means going above and beyond the standard process to ensure each candidate feels valued and understood. Every touchpoint should be personalised – from the initial contact to the final decision – to create a positive and memorable experience.

By doing so, you'll not only improve your candidate experience but also increase your chances of attracting top talent. Additionally, by taking the time to personalise the candidate experience, companies can build a strong reputation as an employer of choice and stay ahead of the competition.

5.  Ensure that all candidates are treated fairly and equally

This means providing the same information to all candidates, being transparent about the selection process, and giving everyone a fair chance to be considered for the role. This will help to create a positive and level playing field for all candidates, making the recruitment process more enjoyable and efficient.

6.  Provide feedback to candidates, both successful and unsuccessful

This feedback can help candidates understand what they did well and what they could improve upon for future applications. It can also help to build trust and transparency between candidates and recruitment teams. Feedback also shows candidates that their application has been reviewed and considered, and can help create a more positive impression of the recruitment process. When providing feedback, it is important to be clear, concise, and respectful.

7.  Be accommodating

It is always beneficial to accommodate candidates during the recruitment process, especially those already employed by other organisations. It shows that you are interested in them and are willing to work with their schedule. This can go a long way in making the candidate feel comfortable and appreciated, making them more likely to accept a job offer.

How to measure candidate experience

As a recruiter, there are a few key metrics you can use to measure candidate experience:

1.  Time to fill: This metric measures the average time it takes to fill a position. A high time to fill indicates that it is taking too long to fill positions, which can be a turnoff for candidates.

2.  Quality of hire: This metric measures the performance of new hires. A high quality of hire indicates that your organisation is attracting and selecting top talent.

3.  Employee referrals: This metric measures the percentage of new hires who current employees refer. A high employee referral rate indicates that employees are happy with their experience at your organisation and are willing to recommend it to others.

4.  Candidate satisfaction: This metric measures the satisfaction of candidates who interviewed for a position but were not hired. A high candidate satisfaction score indicates that your organisation is providing a positive interview experience, even for candidates who are not ultimately hired.

By tracking these metrics, you can get a good sense of the overall candidate experience at your organisation and identify areas that need improvement.

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