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Tips for building authentic relationships in recruitment | CNA International

The recruitment process has become much more than simply filling vacancies. It's about building genuine, lasting relationships that benefit both the organisation and its potential employees. Authentic relationships in recruitment pave the way for a stronger, more cohesive work environment, fostering trust and loyalty that contribute significantly to the overall success of an organisation. So in this article, we’re going to provide several tips for building authentic relationships in recruitment, helping you cultivate these invaluable connections over time.

Understanding the Importance of Authenticity

Authenticity in recruitment is the foundation of trust and rapport between recruiters, candidates, and hiring managers. It involves transparent communication, genuine interest in the welfare of both parties and a commitment to ethical practices throughout the recruitment process. This authenticity not only enhances the candidate's experience but also boosts the employer's brand, attracting top talent who value honesty and integrity in their potential employers.

  • Building Trust Through Transparency

Transparency is core to establishing trust in the realm of recruitment. Recruiters should ensure clear communication about the job role, expectations, company culture, and growth opportunities. Providing candidates with a realistic job outline helps set the right expectations and reduces the likelihood of mismatches between the candidate's aspirations and the job realities.

  • Fostering Genuine Connections

Recruitment should go beyond transactional interactions. Recruiters can foster genuine connections by taking an interest in the candidates' career aspirations, personal goals, and the value they seek in their professional lives. Such an approach not only helps in identifying the best fit for the organisation but also makes candidates feel valued and understood. To do this well requires tailored engagement strategies, as modern candidates are inherently unique.

Challenges in Building Authentic Relationships in Recruitment

Building authentic relationships in the recruitment process is a goal that, while noble and beneficial, comes with its own set of challenges. Addressing these challenges is crucial for recruiters who aim to maintain integrity and authenticity throughout the hiring process.

  • High Volume of Candidates

One of the primary challenges recruiters face is managing the high volume of candidates that apply for positions. In such situations, providing personalised attention and maintaining genuine communication with each candidate can become difficult. This challenge is exacerbated in industries with high turnover rates or for roles in high demand, where the number of applicants can overwhelm even the most dedicated recruitment teams.

  • Pressure to Fill Positions Quickly

The pressure to fill vacancies swiftly can sometimes conflict with the goal of building authentic relationships. Recruiters may find themselves torn between spending time to get to know candidates better and the urgency to meet hiring deadlines. This pressure can lead to rushed decisions, where the depth and quality of candidate engagement may suffer, potentially affecting the long-term success of the hire

  • Balancing Technology and Personal Touch

While recruitment technologies, such as Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and AI-driven tools, have made the recruitment process more efficient, they also pose a challenge to maintaining a personal touch. Over-reliance on technology can lead to a depersonalised recruitment experience for candidates, where automated communications and screenings may overlook the nuances of human interaction and relationship building.

Overcoming Challenges in Maintaining Authenticity

Maintaining authenticity in recruitment can be challenging amid the pressures of filling positions quickly and dealing with a high volume of candidates. However, prioritising quality over quantity, focusing on long-term relationship building, and staying true to the organisation's values can help overcome these challenges.

  • Quality Over Quantity

Focusing on building meaningful relationships with fewer, more aligned candidates can be more beneficial than spreading efforts too thinly over a large number of applicants. This approach allows for more in-depth conversations and a better understanding of what each candidate brings to the table.

  • Long-Term Relationship Building

Viewing recruitment as a long-term relationship-building process, rather than a one-off transaction, can change the dynamic significantly. Keeping in touch with candidates even after the recruitment process - regardless of the outcome - can turn them into potential future hires or brand ambassadors.

  • Staying True to Organisational Values

Ensuring that recruitment practices align with the organisation's core values is another important part of effective recruitment. This alignment helps recruiters to act as true representatives of the company, attracting candidates who share similar values and are more likely to thrive within the organisation.

Strategies for Building Authentic Relationships

Moving towards more authentic relationships in recruitment is a surefire way to garner a positive reputation with clients and candidates alike. As touched on above, overcoming the challenges associated with building these relationships is doable, but takes a bit of effort. So, to help you hit the ground running with your recruitment relationships, let’s go over a few different strategies to help with building authentic relationships:

  • Active Listening and Personalised Communication

Active listening is an incredibly useful tool in understanding the needs, concerns, and aspirations of candidates. Personalising communication - by referencing specific details shared by the candidate in previous conversations, for example - demonstrates a genuine interest in them as individuals, not just as potential hires.

  • Consistent Follow-Up and Feedback

Consistent follow-up and providing constructive feedback throughout the recruitment process keep candidates engaged and informed. This practice shows respect for the time and effort candidates put into their applications and interviews, reinforcing the organisation's commitment to transparency and open communication.

  • Leveraging Technology Wisely

While technology has streamlined many aspects of recruitment, it's important to maintain a human element, too. Personalised emails, video calls, and the thoughtful use of social media can enhance the recruitment experience, making it more engaging and personal for candidates.

Authentic Relationships in Recruitment are Invaluable

Building authentic relationships in recruitment is not just a strategy but a commitment to a more transparent, respectful, and person-centered approach to hiring. By focusing on building authentic relationships, recruiters can transform the recruitment process into an opportunity for meaningful interactions that benefit both the organisation and its potential employees. This approach not only enhances the recruitment experience but also contributes to a positive employer brand, attracting top talent who are looking for workplaces that value integrity, transparency, and mutual respect.

If you require assistance in building more authentic relationships in recruitment, let our team at CNA International help. We offer a wide range of services that span the globe, helping you secure the best candidates across multiple sectors and senior roles. To learn more, please get in touch with us today.


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