What separates a good recruiter from a great one?

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What separates a good recruiter from a great one?

Recruiters are professionals who help find the right talent for their clients, but they don’t have any direct authority over them. Recruiters must earn the trust of both candidates and employers when trying to fill a vacancy. It's not an easy job, but there are certain things that make it easier and help recruiters separate themselves from their peers. Here are some ways great recruiters differ from good ones:

They provide value before they ask for it

When you're a recruiter, your job is to help people find their next job and help companies find employees who are an asset to their team. Doing this requires the ability to communicate clearly and concisely. You also need to listen carefully so that you can understand what your client needs from the process. Once you've established this, it's time for action!

The best recruiters will provide solutions based on their knowledge of the industry and what roles are available at any given time. In addition, they should be able to answer questions about how each company works as well as offer advice about which companies would be best suited for each candidate before sending them over for an interview (or not).

They have the right relationships and connections

The most important thing to remember is that your relationship with clients and candidates is built on trust, respect and loyalty. You have to value them both equally in order for the relationship to work out well.

If you want to be successful as a recruiter, one of the best ways is by building strong relationships with both sides of the equation: candidates and clients (and even other recruiters). Without the right relationships, recruiters are incredibly limited in terms of the talent they can provide companies and the job opportunities they can provide job seekers.

They don’t lie or embellish

Lying is the easiest way to get yourself into trouble as a recruiter. Embellishing a candidate's skills or the perks on offer at a company is a surefire way for relationships to turn south quickly.

When someone asks whether their experience is relevant for the position they're applying for, good recruiters tell them what they know and let them decide if that's enough information to progress. Or, if they need more details before making a final decision about whether or not this job is right for them, a good recruiter will go out of their way to provide additional information.

They are always learning

A great recruiter always looks for ways to improve their skills and knowledge. They keep up with industry trends and are always reading or learning new things. They attend training and conferences, as well as networking events in their community.

A good recruiter will always strive to be a better version of themselves, but a great one takes it one step further by making sure they represent themselves as someone who is ready to learn more about the industry at any given time.

They listen more than they talk

Recruiters are, by their very nature, people-oriented. They should enjoy talking to others and helping them solve problems. But if a recruiter wants to be great at their job, it's important that they intently listen as well as talk.

Listening will help a recruiter understand what their clients need from candidates and vice versa--and this can help shape how effective your search process is in finding the right fit for them both. It will also give insight into other aspects of the industry; for example, if there are changes happening within an industry or company that may affect future hiring needs (or even current ones).

They’re quick to respond

Recruiters are often working under time constraints to fill roles or find placements for candidates. They should respond to emails, texts and phone calls in a timely manner to help with this. If a company doesn't have time for an interview right now or if a candidate needs more information before making a decision, it’s important that a great recruiter lets all parties know what’s happening.

They should also be responsive with clients, as they want someone who will listen closely when they talk about what kind of skillsets are needed for their open positions and how much money they're willing or able to pay for those roles. In addition, other recruiters will appreciate how quickly you can get back to them with answers about their candidates' backgrounds when asking for references or additional details about why someone might not be right for a particular role at their company (or vice versa).

They don’t interrupt

The best recruiters don't interrupt. They're respectful of the candidate, and they respect the other people in the room, including the interviewer, their manager and even their client (if applicable). They know that interrupting someone mid-sentence or having your phone on during an interview will make you look like a bad recruiter.

Recruiters need to be humble, honest and good listeners in order to be successful

Great recruiters are humble, honest and good listeners. They don't feel the need to impress their clients with their knowledge or experience; instead, they strive to understand the client's needs in order to provide a solution that is best suited for them. The two most important skills to watch out for in a great recruiter are:

  • Honesty: Recruiters should be honest with their clients at all times and never try to hide any information from them. If you don't know something, say so! This will only help your relationship move forward by building trust between both parties involved in the hiring process.
  • Listening skills: Great recruiters listen carefully when talking with candidates or hiring managers about positions available within an organisation before sending out resumes on behalf of these individuals.


The great recruiters are the ones who are humble and honest. They listen more than they talk, and they're always learning new things in order to stay up-to-date on trends within their industry. The best recruiters know that relationships are key and will do whatever it takes to build those relationships with clients, candidates and referral sources alike - because without them there would be no business at all!

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