Why start a career in recruitment?

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Why start a career in recruitment - CNA International

Recruitment is a fast paced and vibrant industry. You make a difference in people's lives with this job and place them on new, exciting career paths. Recruitment is also financially rewarding - you are paid for the hard work that you put in. A career in recruitment allows you to make an impact on what your company does and how it does it. There are lots of reasons to consider a career in this industry, so in this article, we’ll outline why it makes sense to start a career in recruitment. 

Why start a career in recruitment?

You might be wondering if recruitment is the industry for you. And if it isn't, why would anyone want to work in recruitment? Well, there are a lot of reasons why this job is so great and why it can be good for your career.

For one thing, recruitment is a fast-paced and vibrant industry with lots of opportunities for progression and development. This means that there's always something new to learn and develop your skills in order to become even better at what you do!

There are also plenty of job roles available in recruitment – meaning that there's something out there for everyone! There's no limit on what kind of role or company someone can have when starting out as a recruiter; some people might even find themselves working at an agency whilst others will choose the path of entrepreneurship by setting up their own business instead (which can also be hugely rewarding).

You make a difference in people's lives

With this career, you get to make a difference in people’s lives. You are helping them find their dream job and, in turn, making the world a better place. It is truly rewarding work! You might be able to guide a prospect towards the perfect job that they hadn’t considered before. Or, you can facilitate their development towards their ideal career path. In any case, you get to make a difference when you work in recruitment.

Recruitment is financially rewarding

You are paid for the hard work that you put in, and it's your knowledge, skills and experience that can help companies find their next employee. It’s a financially rewarding career that has a lot of room for growth. As you advance in your career in recruitment, you can work towards different jobs that carry more duties and responsibilities, but higher salaries too.

You can make an impact on what your company does and how it does it

As a recruiter, you can make an impact on what your company does and how it does it. You can help the company to achieve its goals. You can help to make the company more efficient. You can help to make the company more profitable. And you can help to make the company more successful.

You will be part of an organisation that is reaching for something greater than itself and working toward making a difference in people’s lives—and this is something that few people get to experience in their careers!

No two days are the same

You can have a fun and creative job where no two days are the same. You get to meet lots of people, you don't have to work 9-5, and you're constantly learning new things through travelling, training courses and building your network.

Working in recruitment is a bit like being an artist; every day is different which means your skillset will expand with every new challenge thrown at you. As well as getting paid for it!

Your team is there to help you develop skills

A good portion of the careers in recruitment is collaborative in nature. This is good because it gives you a chance to grow alongside your colleagues and develop new skills with their help. Recruitment is a very broad field and your team is there to help you develop skills and knowledge in different areas of recruitment. For example, if you have experience in HR, but would like to learn about marketing and advertising, then there will be someone on your team who can show you the ropes.

Your team is also great at helping with developing your skill set when it comes to recruiting candidates. They’ll give advice on what works best for them as well as share good resources from around the web that may help with certain aspects of the process (like writing an advert).

You can learn from the candidates that come through your business too. By taking time out of your day to speak with applicants, they could teach you something new or show how their experience differs from yours or those who work within similar roles at other companies within the same sector (or even outside this sector). These differences are often what makes working in recruitment so rewarding - learning something new every day!


Starting a career in recruitment can be a challenging and exciting process. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know where to start and what the best option for you is. So make sure that you take the time to think about your ideal position in the recruitment industry, as this will help guide your career to its full potential.

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