SukhinderBir Singh


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Sukhinder is a Senior Management Professional who has successfully delivered across industries and geographies in Industrial, Consumer and Services Industry. He is a MBA with 20 Years experience who has consistently succeeded in all his professional assignments thanks to his process innovations, work discipline and excellent man management skills. He defines himself as a trusted advisor, great Administrator with an interest to lead and manage a large function with accountability. From making a business plan to ensuring that all components of business viz. facilities, vendors, customers, employees, stakeholders and opinion leaders are satisfied according to pre-determined priorities. His ‘success-fuel’ is his sincerity and simplicity in handling business situations, as he has discovered innovation not only cuts costs but also motivates fellow workers to deliver wonders willingly.

Prior to joining CNA International, Sandy (as he is known) has successfully built businesses, new revenue & marketing models. He has spent over two decades in the Services sector handling varied assignments/clients in diverse geographies. He is a keen observer of the global financial markets and likes to stay updated with the latest in the world of finance and geopolitics. Sandy is passionate about fitness and likes traveling to new places and experiencing new cultures.