Strategically located less than three hours from the main European cities, Morocco is one of the most dynamic countries on the African continent.
Part of the westernmost region of North Africa, Morocco is also known as Al-Maghrib in Arabic, literally meaning “the West”. Recognized for its diverse geography, contrasting climate, and eclectic peoples and customs, the kingdom is a constitutional monarchy.
Morocco offers several advantages for international business and is becoming a popular destination for companies to start operations. Morocco has a well-educated and flexible workforce, business-friendly laws and regulations, a stable political environment and infrastructures that support trade and the efficient movement of goods.
Seeking to boost growth, King Mohammed VI’s government maintained an ambitious investment policy to improve infrastructure while attempting to diversify the economy.
The growth of inward investment in Morocco over the past 20 years has been impressive. The range of investors has become increasingly diversified.
Among the UE, France and Spain assume the most prominent roles, partly due to their colonial legacy and proximity. More than 500 French companies have established subsidiaries in the kingdom, employing more than 114,000 people, and tens of thousands of French citizens have taken up residence there.
Spain is the second-largest supplier of Moroccan territory and hundreds of Spanish businesses operate in the country.
Further afield, Morocco enjoys strong ties with the US. The kingdom was in fact the first country to seek diplomatic relations with US government in 1777.
Last 10 years have been characterised by increasing investment from other regions such as Middle East.
In regards with outward investments, Morocco has clear ambition to stand as THE economic partner of African French speaking countries. More and more Moroccan companies are opening subsidiaries in north, west and central Africa, in particular banking groups and IT companies.
Morocco is definitely the country to establish in first, in order to address the rest of the continent.
The recruitment market in Morocco is a very competitive one with tremendous factors attracting clients: from international brands to European companies (mainly from Spain, France and Belgium) or purely Moroccan players.
Thanks to the multicultural background of the directors (mix of French, Middle-Eastern, Moroccan and West African cultures) and their specific experience across Europe, Morocco and Africa, CNA International Morocco will be able to address particular demands from either international companies that have an expansion plan in Africa including Morocco, or Moroccan companies that want to expand their footprint in West-North-Central Africa.

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