The war for Talent is only set to get harder for companies, with most areas around the world at 100% employment for the professional market. This means very few quality candidates are answering adverts and the ones that are doing so, are doing it because of a change in circumstance. This means many of our clients come to us because they have had vacancies open for some time, and have used the old routes to finding people; Adverts, Internal referrals, and using recruitment agencies. At CNA we look to work in a more consultative approach, working with our clients to understand the problems they are encountering within their industry. Quality people very rarely move because of money (although the money must be right). Today they are looking at life-style, the quality of the company and its products, what are their opportunities within the company.
Our candidates are headhunted for our clients individually. Headhunting necessitates market mapping, identifying where the prospect candidates work, live, their career and life ambitions and needs. Market mapping, the research, the approach, the candidate assessment, agreeing the buy-in, selling the clients opportunity and the presentation, all takes time and experience but this is what we train our consultants to do.
It is also why we work on a retained basis with our clients, and with a growing number of clients working with us on a consultancy basis, our clients find it very cost effective to engage us on an hourly rate for the work we do. This is, in our opinion, a game-changer in the executive search industry and our consultants work very closely with our clients’ in-house teams and key decision-makers.
Throughout 2017 and into 2018 work began with a number of clients helping them set-up their own In-House recruitment teams, using our ABS process. From creating a back-office database, incorporating a standardized recruitment process, with built in emails and forms, to training and mentoring their in-house teams, and helping them understand the effect of GDPR on their recruitment process.

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